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April 1, 2009: In preparing to talk with a delegation from Africa this afternoon that was visiting the Portland State University campus, I found myself exploring a huge number of websites for the topic they had requested: the role of media and government accountability. (See my web site, http://www.adscripts.com, for a posted listing under a greeting to the delegation on the home page.)

A very polite audience, some looked quite jet-lagged; they’ve only been here for two days, and my memory of going overseas is that it takes the better part of a week to feel awake and motivated again. Nevertheless, they were a pleasure to talk to, and they certainly asked some great questions.
One of the questions was whether or not I thought President Obama could bring the CIA under control and force accountability.  Another concerned whether or not the message chosen, the way a message was given, and the means by which a message was given, might change the outcome (I didn’t know if the person who asked was in public relations, but he was certainly a candidate for such a career!). And the question which should trouble all of us here in the U.S. was whether or not the new focus on transparency had caused the apathy of the general U.S. population, and I said no; the apathy has been coming on for a long time. I wondered if we, as U.S citizens, had gotten too comfortable and too complacent in our material wealth; if we’d forgotten what it means to work hard for our country as the Founding Fathers did; and if this current economic crisis might not shake us back to our roots of citizen involvement and participation. That, to me, would be a silver lining in this crisis. Just imagine a new, active citizenry that did NOT feel divorced from the actions of its government. That seemed to be taking place during the Obama campaign; but is it still the case? Time will tell.

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