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This Memorial Day weekend, I’m remembering – and hoping others will remember – those who never made it home.  War, to me, is one of the most horrendous things we human beings engage in… one of the most stupid, the most idiotic, the most tragic things.  War – as Eisenhower said once – has never accomplished anything.  Yet we have to be prepared for war, just as we have to be prepared for a lot of things in life.  I have ancestors who found in every war this country has ever fought, starting with the Revolutionary War; and my Dad, former husband, and son were all in the Air Force, and I was proud of all of them.  I run a web site for service members and veterans at http://www.mvrd.org.  I will do just about anything if I can be of service to those who serve our country.  But – and they say any battle-hardened warrior will tell you the same thing – war is the worst of all nightmares.  So on this weekend, pause for a moment and reflect upon those who never made it home, and what such a deliberate, knowing sacrifice might mean.  We cannot let these men and women be forgotten; we can’t forget what war really is if we are ever to try and find a better way to live.

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