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As much as I rant about no one having taught today’s college students to “string together a straight English sentence,” I have to say that the more these students write, the better they get.  That’s true for all of us.  And the more we read, the better we get at writing.

People tell me that writing isn’t so important anymore because on the Internet everything is so much more casual, so much less structured.  Ah, but just think of pitching a reporter via Twitter.  How concise and how precise can you get?  Clear writing is indicative of  clear thinking ,as my good friend Gail Dundas told our class tonight.  Gail handles global public relations for Intel, and is one of the sharpest, funniest and most positive people I know. I think it really helped the students to hear from someone so entirely down-to-earth who works for one of the world’s largest companies. Thanks again, Gail; you were wonderful as always.

Want to communicate in a better way?  Write something short.  It’s very easy to write pages and pages of stuff; it’s much more difficult to write a single concise and wonderful paragraph – especially a paragraph that answers the “so what?” question.  Write a :30-second commercial; write the lead paragraph for a press release; write a media pitch using Twitter.  After you do these things long enough, you’ll blanch when someone asks you to write 500 words about something.  “What?” you’ll wonder.  “Why do I need that many words?”

Write.  Read.  Write  s’more.

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Last Thursday evening I had the pleasure of attending the Portland Metro Chapter’s annual Spotlight Awards – and if, as we say, everything in PRSA happens at the chapter level, then the Portland Metro Chapter should receive many kudos for an evening of excellence which, in turn, reflects a chapter of excellence. The whole evening was run extremely well; the food was great; the networking wonderful; and the award entries were outstanding. On a personal note, it was wonderful to see my friend and fellow Syracuse classmate, Gail Dundas, receive a major award for career excellence and giving back – so well deserved. I’ve known since my days as NP District Chair that Portland was a happening chapter, and it was only confirmed this past week

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