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The AP story appeared in our local Oregonian this morning, April 9, and it caught my eye immediately. The headline on page A5 reads, “Moldovans Twitter, foil news blackout.”  Moldova is a Communist country, sandwiched between Romania and the Ukraine, and apparently about 10,000 people turned out to protest what they said were rigged elections.  The country had already banned some foreign journalists, and now it instituted a press blackout on the ensuing riots which left more than 90 injured. 

“So,” the story goes on, “the pro-Euopean protesters turned to Twitter and the Internet to keep in touch. ‘We sent messages on Twitter but didn’t expect 15,00o people to join in. At the most we expected 1,000,’ said Oleg Breg, who heads the nongovernmental pro-democracy group Hyde Park.   . . .The Communists appear to have realized the news blackout did not stop information traveling freely.  On Wednesday, state television sporadically broadcast images from a protest of 3,000.”

Three cheers, Moldova; three cheers, everyone who joined in the Twitter communications.   As much as I deplore losing our daily newspapers; as much as one of my greatest comfort zones in life is sitting in an easy chair on many a Sunday morning with a cup of tea, browsing through the Sunday paper; as much as I will forever say that good journalists are as critical to democracy as the vote is — still, if the social media in which we now engage means greater freedom of information and freedom of the press, then I stand up and cheer.

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