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It’s all their fault.  When Joseph first crashed to the floor with a grand mal seizure at a restaurant in Washington D.C. where we were gathered around tables to talk and discuss the testimony given at Congressional hearings that afternoon concerning the military’s mandatory anthrax vaccine; when he lay on the floor convulsing, and we watched helplessly, unable to do anything until it was over; when memories of my son’s reactions to the anthrax vaccine were still too fresh in my mind and worries about his future ran rampant and unchecked; when I saw Tom in his wheelchair and helmet, afraid of standing up and walking too far for fear of blacking out and crashing to the ground yet again; when Vance ended up with 23 different disabilities related to the anthrax vaccine – I couldn’t stand by and ignore any of it.  My son was the instigator, of course, when he got three anthrax shots in 2000 against his will.  But long after my son was out of the military, it was Joseph, and Tom, and Vance, and Jon, and Russ, and Buzz, and Randi, and so many others – the best of the best.   They are the ones our military experiments on, and then throws away.  Think this is wild?  Uh-uh: Congress has known for years; has even come out with a formal report and protest.  The GAO office has been on it.   Please check out our web site, the Military Vaccine Resource Directory, for the full story.  Click here: http://www.mvrd.org.


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